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American Way Smokehouse

Locally grown produce, locally raised meats and dairy, and handmade bread made daily in house. Food made the right way, the "old fashioned way". Because you can’t fake the taste of Vintage.


House smoked meats on fresh handmade bread, paired with locally grown produce—that is what Vintage tastes like.


Making old-world artisan bread and classic pastries by hand, from scratch, every day.

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Whether you’re entertaining relatives for the weekend or have 500 guests at your reception, BBQ is always a hit.

What Our Customers Are Saying!

This place is pure gold - and definitely one of my favorite spots in the valley. This little place is situated in the same building as a very large antique store and offer great salads, soups, sandwiches, and baked goods... Let's start with the food. I've yet to find something here I don't like. I've had a couple of sandwiches, a salad, and plenty of baked goods. Have yet to try a soup but I can imagine they're just as tasty as the other food. The portions are large and the price is great!

Nicolette S.

Absolutely love this place! The guy taking our order remembered our exact order (with changes) from several months previous. The food is exceptional and I love the step back into the past of the antique store setting. Bottles in glass, homemade frosted sugar cookies, flavored teas, and our favorite is the spinach salad topped with smoked turkey... just don't take my seat when you come!

Stephanie S.

Favorite place to take out of towners. Longtime fan of Merchant Square, was so excited when they opened AWM. Love the huge varieties of soda, a fun treat for guests. Their food is so good and fresh, love their bbq chicken and their turkey sandwich. Their bread is fresh and so good. Can't choose a favorite dessert, too many! The orange and lemon cookies would be at the top with the Oreo cookie as a contender. Love this place, can't recommend it enough!

Kelli P.

I had the Smoked Cuban and my wife had the kielbasa sandwich with Asian salad. The bread for each of the sandwiches was different. Cuban was toasty and crunchy and the kielbasa was soft and almost sweet. Excellent freshness and taste!!! Overall very satisfied with the atmosphere, the food, and the service.

Brad S.

Our Story

We wanted to take you back to a time when folks shook one another’s hands, when people visited as they ate when they enjoyed great homemade food. We wanted to give you the experience of stepping into the past, where reminiscing is okay and good food is the American Way.

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Not just a smokehouse

Fresh salads, craft sandwiches and don’t forget all the delicious treats and bread fresh from our bakery.


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